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From BETA to Retail

  • Lots of aesthetics changes to enhance the brand and product image, taking the theme to the next level and to make gameplay more intuitive and accessible.

  • Lots of cleaning up with regard to design, word count (cut by almost 70% for card text and how-to-play!) and mechanics. Lots.

  • Major re-balancing:

    • Flush Cards buffed: +2 Income, and lets you keep one of the 'flushed' cards.

    • Green Cards buffed: more Income available in the game.

    • Blue Cards nerfed: Pipes are now more expensive.

    • Red Cards reworked: not purely 'evil' opportunities, but a mix of neutral and good ones too.

    • Purple Cards reworked: varied costs, major changes to card effects.

    • Yellow Cards streamlined: fewer, and more relevant Events.

    • Grey Cards buffed: costs slightly increased, but rewards too.

  • The early game (Scrappy Sewer) lasts longer, while the transition to late game (Supreme Sewer) feels more distinct. Rather than the first deck being a 'training wheels' segment, now the shift from Scrappy to Supreme signals the endgame.

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General Changes
  • Aesthetics

    • The retail box is now square, and designed like a block of cheese. Super cool. Plus, the bottom half of the 2-piece box opens up to become a playing mat (what?!).

    • Cleaned up our brand 'R' logo too!

    • Cleaned up the card design; took away the little quotes at the bottom and reworked the 'cheese' borders to be slicker

    • Cheese are now triangular wedges, rather than cards; this makes sense thematically and avoids confusion with Sewer cards.

    • Changed coins to notes: we still have the same $1, $5 and $10 denominations, but now you can really 'make it rain'. Awesome.

    • Fixed the Blue-Purple colour confusion problem (finally).​ Blue is a lighter, more 'Cyan' Blue, while Purple is brighter, more 'violet' than 'indigo'.

  • New Names!

    • The currency of the game (notes) is now the Swindle, represented by the '$' symbol.​

    • The Pot is now The Slush Fund.

    • The Sewer is now The Open Sewer.

    • The Sewer Deck is now The Rat Pack.

    • The Discard Pile is now The Cesspit.

    • Savage Sewer and Shiny Sewer are now Scrappy Sewer and Supreme Sewer respectively.

    • The richest rat at the end of every round is crowned 'The Big Cheese', gets +2 Income, and an accompanying meeple! Some cards in the game play around this.

  • Reworked all Purple Cards that previously let you buy other Cards with Coins instead of Cheese.

  • Reworked all 'Immediate Effect' Cards (Bonus Bonanza, Mutual Destruction, Shared Paradise, Cat-mikaze).

  • All players now start the game with a Flush Card, $5 and 3 Cheese.

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Flush Card
  • The Flush Card now gives +2 Income instead of +1.

  • The Flush Card now lets you take 1 Open Sewer Card for free, and sends the rest to The Cesspit.

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Green Cards
  • Green Cards Income boost re-balanced from +2/+5 to +2/+4/+6.

  • Bonus Bonanza reworked: 'Dump this to take your Income again.' Still costs 1 Green Cheese.

  • Total Income available in the game increased from +37 to +64.

    • Scrappy Sewer:

      • +26 Income available (BETA was +12 Income)

    • Supreme Sewer:​

      • +38 Income available (BETA was +25 Income)​

Blue Cards
  • Blue Cards naming has been cleaned up: they are either Pipes, or Penthouse Pipes.

  • Blue Cards are generally more expensive

    • regular Pipes now have varying costs to​ reflect a fluctuation in the 'property market'. Some cost just 1 Blue Cheese, while others cost 2.

    • Penthouse Pipes (worth 2 regular Pipes) cost 3 Blue Cheese instead of 2.

  • Total Pipes available in the game increased from 21 to 25.

    • Scrappy Sewer:​

      • 10 Pipes available for 13 Blue Cheese (BETA was 6 Pipes for 6 Cheese)

    • Supreme Sewer:​

      • 15 Pipes available for 22 Blue Cheese (BETA was 15 Pipes for 15 Cheese)

Red Cards
  • Red Cards re-conceptualised as Opportunities. This means that Red Cards incorporate a wider spectrum of Actions, moving away from being purely 'evil' to include other neutral or positive opportunities.

  • Added a new Red Card: Insurance.

    • If any of your Cards are about to be taken, dump this instead. Costs 1 Red Cheese.

  • Added a new Red Card: Cahoot.

    • Pick a rat. You both take 1 free Open Sewer Card.​

  • Added Shared Paradise as a Red Card​.

    • Now gives $8 to both players involved instead of $10.

    • Does not have to be used immediately.

    • Shared Paradise is bought with 1 Red Cheese instead of $1.

  • Added Mutual Destruction as a Red Card​.

    • Effect is now 'Pick a player. You and that player both discard 3 Cards of your choosing.'

    • Does not have to be used immediately.

    • Mutual Destruction is bought with 3 Red Cheese instead of $1.

  • Disrupt reworked:

    • 'Swap up to 2 of your Cards with other players.'

    • No longer restricted to only non-purple Cards.

    • Now costs 3 Red Cheese instead of 2.

  • Premonition reworked:

    • There are now 2 different Premonition Cards in the game: one that looks at the top 3 Cards of the Sewer Deck and keeps 1, while the other looks at the top 4 Cards of the Sewer Deck and keeps 2.

    • The weaker Premonition costs 2 Red Cheese (found in Scrappy Sewer), while the stronger Premonition costs 3 Red Cheese (found in Supreme Sewer).

  • Rat-keteer reworked:

    • 'Take $12 from The Big Cheese.'

    • Now costs 3 Red Cheese instead of 2.

  • Scavenge re-balanced:

    • 'Take 1 Card from The Cesspit.'

    • Now costs 2 Red Cheese instead of 3.

  • Snatch reworked:

    • 'Take 2 Cheese from any rat.' instead of taking a non-purple Card.

    • Still costs 1 Red Cheese.

  • SUPER Snatch reworked:

    • 'Take 1 Card from any rat.' instead of taking a purple Card.

    • Still costs 2 Red Cheese.

Purple Cards
  • EVERY SINGLE Purple Card has been reworked. The intention with Purple Cards is to act as 'engine-builders' or 'specializations' for players' strategies. Purple Cards contain potential; it is up to the owner of the Card to exploit that potential.

  • Purple Cards no longer all cost 1 of each Cheese; instead, the colors vary depending on the type of strategy it benefits.

    • Asset Alpha: Take $5 extra per Pipe when you sell them. Costs 3 Blue Cheese.

    • Blue Boss: All rats now pay YOU for Blue Cheese. Costs 3 Blue Cheese.

    • Bundle Brawler: Take $10 extra per Bundle when you sell them. Cost unchanged.

    • Cheese Connoisseur: Buy up to 5 Cheese per turn. Cost unchanged.

    • Event Executive: You may stop any Yellow Card's effects. Cost unchanged.

    • Green Gangster: All rats now pay YOU for Green Cheese. Costs 3 Green Cheese.

    • Investment Ingenieur: Income +3 per Green Card you own. Costs 3 Green Cheese.

    • Military Major: Whenever a rat uses a Red Card against you, send 1 of their Cards to The Cesspit. Cost unchanged.

    • Power Prowler: Buy Red Cards for only 1 Red Cheese. Costs 3 Red Cheese.

    • Property Procurer: Buy Blue Cards for only 1 Blue Cheese. Costs 3 Blue Cheese.

    • Purple Partisan: Buy Purple Cards for any 2 Cheese. Cost unchanged.

    • Red Ruffian: All rats now pay YOU for Red Cheese. Costs 3 Red Cheese.

    • Salary Scrambler: Buy Green Cards for only 1 Green Cheese. Costs 3 Green Cheese.

    • Sewer Superintendent: Take $2 from The Slush Fund every time other rats buy a Card. Cost unchanged.

    • Strategy Sensei: Doubles the effects of the next 3 Red Cards you use. Costs 3 Red Cheese.

  • Moved Asset Alpha, Investment Ingenieur and Strategy Sensei to the Supreme Sewer.

  • Moved Cheese Connoisseur to the Scrappy Sewer.

Yellow Cards
  • Streamlined Yellow Cards (Events) to be more relevant to the game. The idea with these cards is to have that little 'jolt' or surprise factor, while serving to balance the in-game disparities between players. With the BETA, they were too often and disruptive, hence the changes.

  • Reduced the number of Yellow Cards in The Rat Pack from 15 (5 in the Savage Sewer and 10 in the Shiny Sewer) to 10 (only found in the Supreme Sewer).

  • Buffed Charity: 'All players pay 3 Coins to the poorest rat.'

  • Removed Inflation and Civil War, replaced with Hard Cheese and Favour to the Don

    • Hard Cheese: 'The Big Cheese gives 1 Cheese to all other rats.'​

    • Favour to the Don: 'The Big Cheese takes 1 Card from any rat.'

  • Is that... Cake?? renamed as Forget About It: 'In turn order, all rats take 2 free Cheese.'

  • Clarified Love Your Neighbour Day: 'In turn order, all rats take 1 Card from the rat on their left.'

  • Property Tax: 'All rats pay to The Slush Fund: $2 for every Pipe they own.'

  • Reworked Sewer Surprise: 'In turn order, all rats take the top Card of The Rat Pack.' 

Grey Cards
  • All Grey Cards now cost $5 each, and their reward is increased to $25.

  • Cheese Bundle requirement increased to 5 Cheese instead of 4.

  • Lightweight Bundle: 'If you have the least Cards, dump this with 1 other Card for $25.'

  • Poor Man's Bundle renamed as Poor Rat's Bundle for gender neutrality. #ratlivesmatter

    • 'If you are the poorest rat, dump this with 1 other Card for $25.​'

  • Added a new Grey Card: Heavyweight Bundle​

    • 'If you have the most Cards, dump this with 2 other Cards for $25.'​