Patch Notes

MK12 (first post-BETA patch):

  1. Patch Objectives

    1. Smoother gameplay, both with understanding and with engine-building progression.

    2. Reduce Snowball Effect

    3. Reduce Analysis Paralysis (when there are way too many options to consider that you get stuck)

    4. Balance BETA

    5. Bug fixes

    6. Increase player interaction, particularly for ‘downtime’ engagement

    7. Game to speed itself up rather than slow down

  2. General Changes

    1. Components now split into Coins, Cheese and Cards. Cheese no longer regarded as a ‘card’. Keeps the game functioning as a clear engine: Coins buy Cheese, Cheese buys Cards, Cards give you Coins.

    2. Sewer Deck split into 3 parts rather than 2: Savage Sewer, Shiny Sewer and Supreme Sewer.

    3. Reworked Bankruptcy: When bankrupt, discard Cards for Coins to pay your debt. Each Card (remember that Cheese no longer counts as Cards) is worth 3 coins. If a debt is owed to another player, discard Cards to the Discard Pile first, then pay the player in Coins (used to be that you give that player the cards directly).

    4. Reworked Starting Scenario: All players now start the game with a Flush Card, 5 Coins and some Cheese. Players collect these BEFORE the first 3 Cards in The Sewer are turned face-up.

      1. 1st player starts with 1 Cheese.

      2. 2nd and 3rd players start with 2 Cheese each.

      3. 4th and 5th players start with 3 Cheese each.

    5. Reworked Endgame: There are now 2 winning conditions; either, one player hits 100 Coins​ and wins OR when the Sewer Deck runs out, then the richest player at that point (when there are no more face-down Cards in the deck) will win.

  3. Flush Card

    1. The Flush Card may be used at any point in the game, even if it is not your turn.

    2. Flush Card colour changed to Brown instead of Black to avoid confusion with Black Cards.

    3. The back of the Flush Cards that players start the game with will now be Player Turn Order References (it will tell you the steps to take for each turn).

    4. Apart from the Flush Cards that players start the game with, there are also Flush Cards available for purchase in the Sewer Deck. See New Sewer Composition below.

  4. Event Cards

    1. Reduced number of Event Cards, streamlined to be more relevant to the stage of the game. See New Sewer Composition below.

    2. Love Your Neighbour Day reworked: 'In turn order, all players take 1 Card from the player on their left.'

    3. Sewer Surprise now ‘Add 1 face-up card to The Sewer.’

    4. Inflation is now a special Event: it stays and occupies a slot in The Sewer and can be Flushed/Flooded away, and in so doing, its effects will no longer persist.

    5. Charity now buffed: 'All players give 3 Coins to the poorest player.' Only available in the Supreme Sewer.

    6. Is that.. Cake?? now buffed: 'All players take 3 Cheese for Free.' Available once in every Sewer stage.

    7. Civil War moved to the Cats Expansion, renamed as Cat War.

  5. Green Cards

    1. New +8 Income Cards, only available in the Supreme Sewer. Costs 3 Green Cheese each.

    2. Bonus Bonanza no longer needs to be used immediately. 'Discard this to collect your Income value from The Pot.' Costs 2 Green Cheese each. Doubled by Investment Ingenieur.

  6. Blue Cards

    1. Increased Cost for Blue Cards in the later stages of the game. In the Shiny Sewer and Supreme Sewer, each Penthouse Pipe costs 2 Blue Cheese. Double Penthouse Pipes are only available in the Supreme Sewer, where they each cost 3 Blue Cheese.

  7. Red Cards

    1. Snatch now steals 2 Cheese (used to be ‘steal 1 non-purple card’). Cost 1/1/2 Red Cheese.

    2. SUPER Snatch now steals 1 Card (used to be ‘steal 1 Purple card’). Cost 2/2/3 Red Cheese.

    3. Disrupt now ‘swap up to 2 of your Cards with other players.’ (used to be ‘all cards being swapped have to be non-purple). Cost 3 Red Cheese.

    4. Rat-keteer now steals 5/10 Coins (used to be 3/8 Coins). Only available in the Shiny Sewer and Supreme Sewer. Cost 1/2 Red Cheese.

    5. Sabotage reworked: ‘Stop a purchase being made by another player. May be used even if its not your turn.’ Basically this Card means that the Cheese still gets spent by the other player, but the Card they wanted to buy remains in The Sewer. Used to be ‘pick a player. That player discards 1 card of your choosing.’ Cost 2 Red Cheese.

    6. Premonition: in the Shiny Sewer and Supreme Sewer, Premonition will look at the top 5 Cards of the Sewer Deck instead of 3, and cost 3 Red Cheese.

  8. Purple Cards

    1. Purple Partisan reworked: ‘You may buy Purple Cards for only 2 Cheese of any colour.’

    2. Green Gangster costs 3 Green Cheese.

    3. Blue Boss costs 3 Blue Cheese.

    4. Red Ruffian costs 3 Red Cheese.

    5. Investment Ingenieur costs 3 Green Cheese.

    6. Asset Alpha costs 3 Blue Cheese.

    7. Strategy Sensei costs 3 Red Cheese.

    8. Strategy Sensei reworked: ‘Doubles the effects of any Snatch, SUPER Snatch and Disrupt Cards you play.’

    9. Military Major now protects ALL Cards from being removed, including itself.

      1. Immune from SUPER Snatch, Disrupt, Mutual Destruction and Love Your Neighbour Day. On Love Your Neighbour Day, the owner of the card still gets to take a card from the player on their left, but the player on their right cannot take any card from them.

      2. Cards that affect Coins and Cheese such as Rat-keteer, Sabotage and Snatch can still affect the owner of Military Major.

    10. Bundle Brawler benefit increased to 40 Coins.

    11. Sewer Superintendent reworked: ‘Whenever any other player buys a Card from The Sewer, take 3 Coins from The Pot.’

    12. Event Executive reworked: ‘Whenever a Yellow Card washes up in The Sewer, collect 5 Coins from The Pot. You may pay back those 5 Coins to stop the effects of that Yellow Card for all players.' 

    13. Salary Scrambler reworked: ‘You may buy Green Cards for only 1 Cheese of any colour.’ Costs 3 Green Cheese.

    14. Property Procurer reworked: ‘You may buy Blue Cards for only 1 Cheese of any colour.’ Costs 3 Blue Cheese.

    15. Power Prowler reworked: ‘You may buy Red Cards for only 1 Cheese of any colour.’ Costs 3 Red Cheese.

  9. Grey Cards

    1. All Bundles cost increased to 5 coins.

    2. All Bundles reward increased to 25 coins.

    3. Investment, Asset, Mafia and All Trades Bundles no longer affect Cheese.

    4. Cheese Bundle now requires 5 Cheese to fulfil (used to be 4).

  10. Black Cards

    1. Removed Cat-mikaze (sent to the Cats Expansion)

    2. Mutual Destruction no longer affects Cheese.

  11. New Sewer Composition

    1. Savage Sewer (total 20 Cards)

      • 5 Green Cards (+2 income, 1 Green Cheese)

      • 5 Blue Cards (+1 Pipe, 1 Blue Cheese)

      • 3 Red Cards

        • Snatch

        • SUPER Snatch

        • Premonition

      • 4 Purple Cards

        • Purple Partisan

        • Green Gangster

        • Blue Boss

        • Red Ruffian

      • 2 Yellow Cards

        • Free Money

        • Is that.. Cake??

      • 1 Brown Card (Flush Card)

        • Costs 3 Coins to purchase, does not provide +1 Income.

    2. Shiny Sewer (total 30 Cards)

      • 5 Green Cards (+5 Income, 2 Green Cheese)

      • 5 Blue Cards (+1 Pipe, 2 Blue Cheese)

      • 5 Red Cards

        • Snatch

        • SUPER Snatch

        • Premonition (5)

        • Rat-keteer (5)

        • Sabotage

      • 11 Purple Cards

        • Military Major

        • Cheese Connoisseur

        • Bundle Brawler

        • Event Executive

        • Sewer Superintendent

        • Investment Ingenieur

        • Asset Alpha

        • Strategy Sensei

        • Salary Scrambler

        • Property Procurer

        • Power Prowler

      • 3 Yellow Cards

        • Flood

        • Sewer Surprise

        • Is that.. Cake??

      • 1 Brown Card

    3. Supreme Sewer (total 50 Cards)

      • 10 Green Cards

        • 5 +8 Income, 3 Green Cheese

        • 5 Bonus Bonanza

      • 10 Blue Cards

        • 5 +1 Pipe, 2 Blue Cheese

        • 5 +2 Pipes, 3 Blue Cheese

      • 10 Red Cards

        • 2 Snatch

        • 2 SUPER Snatch

        • 2 Disrupt

        • Rat-keteer

        • Premonition

        • Sabotage

        • Scavenge

      • 9 Grey Cards

      • 2 Black Cards (Mutual Destruction and Shared Paradise)

      • 8 Yellow Cards

        • Flood

        • Sewer Surprise

        • Is that.. Cake??

        • Property Tax

        • Income Tax

        • Love Your Neighbour Day

        • Charity (3)

        • Inflation

      • 1 Brown Card